Do you want a career that feels in total alignment with your natural skills AND is rewarding financially?

Are you looking for a new role? A promotion? A career change? Or are you feeling stuck & unsure what you want?

With the wealth of opportunities available to driven and successful people like you, it can be hard to know the best next move.

Hi, I'm Kat Hutchings

I work with motivated individuals who are an asset to their employers, but feel like their current role isn’t enough. They want to continuously learn and improve, testing themselves in new roles and situations. What they all have in common, is they currently feel stuck and unsure what that move is and how to get there. For high achievers, this feeling of uncertainty and the anxiety it creates is an unwelcome experience.

Whether you’re searching for the next challenge, want a promotion within your existing business, want to move to a competitor or even quit the corporate world for a totally new lifestyle, my coaching programme is designed for you.

Whatever your passion and career path, I work with individuals like you to help them take that next step with confidence and conviction. Having worked at a large UK corporate for 8+ years I understand both the pressure & reward that comes from a city job. Having qualified as a performance coach, I’m ideally placed to balance both experiences to help you transform your career.

Take a look at the work with me and about pages to see whether you think we can work together. I’d love to hear from you - book in a free 30 minute strategy call so I can start to help you.