I’m Kat Hutchings and I am a career coach. This means that I love working with people who are currently feeling ‘stuck’ and want to get more from their careers. The reason I decided to focus my efforts on career coaching is because I have direct experience with the anxious, uncomfortable feeling of being stuck in my corporate career and not knowing what I wanted to do next. I’ve been where you are now.

My Story

As someone who is focussed and driven, I struggled with the feeling of uncertainty and my usual energy seemed to have faded away. I felt lost.

So I did what a typical problem solver would do and tried a host of ideas, more internal networking at the business where I worked, seeking new roles that would light me up. Joining a Start Up Tribe with Escape the City to see if I wanted to set up my own business. Asking friends and family for advice. Reading self-help books like ‘Brand You’. And then repeating the above, again, and again, and again. Until I was truly fed up.

Then I saw an event run by a life coach. I hadn’t heard of coaching and had no intention of hiring a coach. But she was running a free 1 hour seminar on how to work out what you want to do in life. The title sounded a little fluffy but I thought I’d see if there was any useful career content.

She gave me my AHA moment, and I invested in my first coaching relationship.

I was impatient to make a decision and tried to charge through these coaching sessions to get to a result. But what I learned through the sessions was it is absolutely necessary to take a step back and understand yourself before you can leap forward. It wasn’t my usual style or a particularly comfortable experience (I don’t really spend time dwelling on things, I’m action oriented). But over an 8 week period I found out what I wanted, assessed a new job opportunity at my employer, went for it, and got it.

Having experienced the amazing feeling of confidence & certainty for myself, I decided to train as a coach alongside my corporate day job. I spent 18 months building my experience coaching business leaders before setting up my own business – Kat the Coach.

Now I want to help YOU!

My Experience

I have completed a coaching qualification with an approved member of the Association for Coaching - this means that I have a professional coaching qualification recognised by a community of the UK's best coaches.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing about a client's success.

Here's a testimonial describing what this client thought about their coaching experience.

I worked with Kat for a period of 4 months. She was quickly able to gain my trust and confidence by the quality of her listening and asking probing or challenging questions where appropriate. I welcomed that insightful, evidence based challenge of my thinking which enabled me to improve on areas that had been stable for a while.

Whilst naturally we have had differing career paths to date, that proved a positive rather than a negative as she was able to enable a course of action without a prior bias of the solutions working or otherwise.

Outside of the planned sessions she would listen to conference calls that I ran and provide detailed and constructive feedback, or be there as a sounding board for issues that arose that I would like a confidential discussion with someone that I trusted.

She took a genuine interest in what I was looking to develop and was also keen to share in the successes as they came
— Senior Director, FTSE 100 Bank

Once we agree clear aims we will focus on tangible actions that take you towards your goals. My coaching experience includes helping clients to:

  • get clarity on what you really want
  • understand your drivers
  • plan your career next steps
  • build your confidence
  • deal with difficult people and situations
  • project an authentic personal brand

Please do get in touch!

A 30 minute strategy call is free of charge. Complete the below form or send me an e-mail: kat@katthecoach.co.uk

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