Signature Coaching Programme

What is your current goal? Do you have one? People with something specific to aim for get things done. I can help you to get clear direction on what you want next and create a personal plan to get it.

I believe that you can carve your own path

You can be successful on your own terms - you have permission to do it your way

You can use your potential and your skills to add REAL value

I believe CLARITY leads to career success – let’s take a deep look at your values, your career drivers and success stories to work out exactly WHAT YOU WANT to do next. We’ll then create an action plan to get you there.

Does this sound like you?

  • You're feeling tired and anxious- you're at the end of a 10 hour working day and you haven't made any progress on your 'to do' list
  • There is a meeting tomorrow that you just haven't had time to prepare for
  • You are stressed about the e-mail you sent your client at 7pm. Are they angry about the pricing? Considering a different supplier? Or just out with their friends for dinner and haven't read it yet?
  • You're worried you didn't make much of an impact in that meeting with your bosses boss today. A wasted opportunity
  • You're frustrated that your boss cancelled your 121 again
  • You're annoyed that your colleague seems to be getting away with putting in less effort than you. You're always doing the heavy lifting
  • A client caught you by surprise and shouted at you today. So you hid in the toilets, trying to stop yourself crying - you don't want colleagues to label you 'overly sensitive'
  • You failed to achieve anything meaningful today. Just wrote a few meeting notes and answered some emails
  • Someone in your team failed to deliver today and you think that's your fault
  • You're not being recognised for the unique perspective and insight you bring to the team
  • You want MORE. This role just isn't it.

I have created a three part programme that will transform your career and life

You will know exactly what you want, have cleared the way for success and executed a focussed plan to get there. This 3 month one to one programme gives you my full support to help you achieve your dream career. Click the button to arrange a complimentary coaching session.

Imagine if....

  • You could wake up each morning EXCITED to get to work
  • You felt in total CONTROL of your career, with a clear plan to EXCEL
  • You could be satisfied that you've been AT YOUR BEST all day and delivered excellent business RESULTS
  • You felt PASSIONATE about your work and personal IMPACT
  • You created the career HEAD SPACE to take action to improve other areas of your life
  • You had the confidence and tools to take you to that NEXT LEVEL in your career

The programme elements are all based on content I’ve seen light up my clients and lead to real transformation.

This is for you if:

  • You are thinking about changing careers but are worried you’ll have to take a step backwards (often NOT the case)
  • You have reached the end of a linear career path and now need to seek new direction to keep progressing
  • Your confidence has taken a knock and you need to remember WHY you’re doing what you’re doing
  • You feel like you never get the time and head space to make proactive decisions about your career
  • You are feeling under utilised in your current role

This is not for you if:

  • You’re not ready to focus on YOU and think hard about your career aspiration
  • You aren’t motivated to take action each week to achieve your goals
  • You want to stay in the job you’re in now for the foreseeable future
  • You don’t want to INVEST in getting these answers and transforming your career
  • You're looking for someone else to give you all the answers

So, what do we cover on the programme?

All coaching programmes are bespoke and tailored to you. My coaching methodology is to take you through three broad areas - getting clarity on what you want, creating an effective plan and successfully achieving it. We will agree your specific objectives at the start of our coaching relationship and I will guide you through the content areas that help you reach your goals.

Here is an outline of some of the areas we will cover.

Life can take youhigher than anyother kind of drug..jpg


  • Understanding your current career drivers
  • Finding out which factors are most important in any career you choose
  • Reconnecting with your core values and what makes you happy
  • Refreshing your career loves & hates
  • Assessing when you’re on fire & using this insight to make you awesome ALL of the time
  • Understanding your personal brand and how to project it consistently

Here’s what you’ll get

  • Clarity around your career drivers so you know exactly what features your ideal career should include
  • Deeper understanding of your personal values allowing you to understand why you’re unhappy in your current career and how to choose roles that suit you
  • Understanding situations when you are at your best so we can replicate the conditions and make you a success every day
  • Understand and project a consistent personal brand - people will know what you stand for and what you’re capable of
  • A feeling of calm and order as you get more certainty around what you want for your career


  • Creating a short, medium, long term action plan to achieve your goals
  • Assessing an internal move vs an external move
  • Prioritising reasons to stay in role vs. exploring other opportunities
  • How to approach conversations with your line manager to get what you want e.g. pay, part time working, training requests.
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Writing an inspiring CV

The results you'll see

  • A clear methodology for making future career decisions/ weighing up options to critically assess the best move
  • A framework for assessing internal vs external opportunities to decide whether to stay at your employer or jump ship
  • A clear plan to achieve your goals, keeping you accountable & focussed so you get the results you want
  • A stakeholder map highlighting your key career contacts and how they can help you leading to a clear plan of engagement to support you
  • An impressive CV that gets you noticed and firmly on the shortlist    
  • Techniques for nailing interviews to get you your dream job




  • Mindset work, in particular building and sustaining confidence
  • Identifying blockers to your progress and creating proactive strategies to manage them before they cause disruption
  • Assessing your self-perception vs. the perception of others using feedback
  • Results tracking – what does success look like
  • Assessing your emotional intelligence and creating a plan for any areas to improve

This means you will

  • Anticipate blockers so you can create clear plans to prevent them holding you back
  • Get what you want from your boss to boost your pay, access to training or work experience
  • Have greater confidence in your unique skill set and contribution increasing your performance & effectiveness
  • Use feedback from colleagues and friends improving your self awareness and highlighting key strengths and areas of developments
  • Assess your emotional intelligence to understand how you cope with and can improve flexibility, emotional expression, stress tolerance for better interactions with other
  • Increase confidence to stretch for a promotion so you can get there faster
  • Have more head space for other areas of your life - once your career is sorted you can focus on health, well being and other priorities


By the end of this plan, you will have transformed your career!

You will know exactly what you want, have cleared the way for success and executed a focussed plan to get there. This 3 month programme gives you my full support to help you achieve your dream career. Click the button below now to book in a complimentary coaching session - this could be the first step to an inspired life.


Why work with me?

I will listen to you. I will help you interpret what you are currently thinking and feeling and provide that objective, independent guidance you’re looking for.


I will bring diversity of thought and challenge your thinking

I will help you to focus and hold you accountable to the clear plan we co-create

As I get to know you I will highlight to you the personal successes and achievements we discuss, helping you to increase confidence and draw on your strengths

I identify with the career woman I've described above, having moved through challenging career transitions and fighting to discover what I really want from my own career and life

I will use my professional experience, helping clients like you to make successful career transitions, to get you the next step you want

I will help you meet your goals – you will get there faster with my help.



What do others say about working with me?

Kat was my coach during a period of transition as I moved from an employer of 10 years, through a bold decision to take voluntary redundancy to a new role in a new area.

This could have been a very stressful time but through Kat’s coaching I achieved greater clarity of my goals and objectives, was braver with my choices and our work also had an impact far greater than just my business life. I got the FinTech leadership role I wanted and am managing this alongside family life.

Kat brings honesty, kind challenge, fun and structure and was a joy to work with! I’m sure this is just the beginning of a long coaching relationship.
— Faye McDonough - Head of Relationship Management, Growth Street

I recently changed direction in my career and I chose to work with Kat because I needed some help figuring out my options and the best way to move forward.

Kat is a great coach and helped me identify what was really important to me, in addition to providing emotional support during a tumultuous time. Whilst the whole journey has taken longer, it was only two months between leaving my job and raising the first invoice in my new business!

Kat has been such a brilliant and supportive part of my journey, and has helped me to design a life I love.
— Vicki - Solicitor & Coach


How we achieve this:

Through my 4 month career and life transformation programme 'Courage & Alignment'.

This is about giving you the clarity you need to make decisions aligned with your passions, values and skills. Then taking bold, courageous action to build confidence and step into your perfect-fit career move.

Over 4 months, you will receive...

An in-person 1-1 coaching day in London
Rocket fuel the start of our coaching relationship by spending 6 hours together in a beautiful and inspiring London venue. We'll start to uncover what's going on for you, loosen any old beliefs that are holding you back, get immediate breakthroughs and create a plan to hit your goals during the coaching programme.

Plus a delicious lunch, on me :).

Eight 1-1 coaching calls
You bring the agenda, and I'll keep us focussed on our agreed goals. Through each of these 60 minute sessions we'll be investigating who you are - understanding your deeper drivers and motivators, uncovering old passions and interests, re-engaging with your values. 

We turn this insight into immediate action so that you have a clear strategy to get what you want. We deal with any blockers if they arise. You get the benefit of my experience - hundreds of hours of coaching high performing clients and access to what I'm learning from the high-profile coaches and mentors I am personally investing in.

BONUS - a 2 hour NLP session
All clients starting their coaching programme in 2018 will have the choice to upgrade one of their 1-1 coaching calls to a 2 hour coaching session with a difference.

As a qualified NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I have the ability to work with both your conscious and unconscious mind. We can not just discuss, but remove any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We will re-wire your thoughts for positivity, to support the new life you are designing. This session alone is life changing.

Career Resources
All my coaching programmes include career exercises to support your development and between sessions and unlimited e-mail access to me for support on ongoing actions. Clients find this access particularly useful during the implementation weeks each month when there is opportunity to test and embed new strategies.

Want more coaching calls? Or my support over 6-12 months instead of 4? We can arrange something that best fits your needs. Let's talk about it - apply for a complimentary call below.

We will progress at the pace set by you. All coaching time is one to one so you have my full attention.

I'd welcome a conversation with you so that you can experience what it is like to be coached and supported by me.


The investment for this Courage & Alignment programme is £5000.


Next steps

Why not start living your dream career today by applying for a complimentary 60 minute coaching call to better understand how we can achieve success for you personally. I would LOVE to hear from you.